Nail Art / Extension


Extend Fashion to your Fingertips !

We pride ourselves on delivering a quality Nail Salon services to all our clients. If you want your hands to do the talking this season, then your fingernails need to look ready for the part. So, chuck the staid enamels, and indulge in a bit of nail art. Just like your wardrobe, the options for nail art are plentiful. Nowadays nail art takes all kinds of interesting forms including the abstract designs, images, portraits, tattoo like emblems and even replications of photographs. Essentially what you can put on your nail nowadays is only restricted by your imagination and the size of your nail bed. If your nail bed is too small you can also put on acrylic tips or gel nails and then have that as your canvas.

Beauty is not just about the hair and face, but also the nails and other parts of the body. There are many women who have a problem with growing their nails to a fashionable length due to various reasons. This may include brittle nails, working conditions, lifestyles, or inability to overcome their habit of biting their nails. Whatever maybe the reason, long nails remain an envy for many.However, to help them overcome this, and enjoy the beauty of long nails, here at Myra Mabyn we provide you with international Nail Extension and Nail Art.

Basically nail extensions are artificial nails that are fixed on top of the natural nail which last for over 2 weeks or more if you maintain well.  And as and when the base nail grows out, the gap is filled with the artificial nail material (It is called re-filling).

Nail Art is a procedure of painting ornate designs on your nails. It is also a fun way of revitalizing your everyday and ordinary look or accessorizing for a special event. The most attractive thing about nail art is that it has a wide range of designs, from the simplest little flower designs to the most extravagant artwork coupled with tiny sparkles, gems and stones.Nail art can be done on your natural nails as well as your artificial nails.  We provide you with extensive designs dedicated only for you.  Our experts are willing to help you choose the color coordination according to your outfit to customize the designs for your nails. Feel free to contact us for more information.